Everyone participating in the RSPNDR marketplace is familiar with the app but what exactly is the RSPNDR marketplace? The RSPNDR marketplace connects Monitoring Stations that have an alarm response requirement with the optimal guarding company to provide that service.

Signing up to RSPNDR

Document required to sign up (questions- contact support)RSPNDR finds the closest available responder and notifies them of the alarm within seconds of that alarm being published to the marketplace.

  1. First page of your company’s articles of incorporation or business registration

  2. Your security agency license

  3. Your company’s auto insurance policy

  4. Your company’s commercial insurance policy

  5. A void cheque

Please contact info@rspndr.io for questions about the on-boarding process

Getting ready to respond

  1. RSPNDR cling, uniformed. (contact to request a cling)

  2. All responders attending to alarms must be wearing a uniform that clearly identifies them as a security guard

  3. Vehicles being used to attend must display a RSPNDR window cling (provided free of charge when signing up)

How to be safe

  1. A phone mount, bluetooth answering device...

  2. Please use a dash mount for your device and only interact with it physically when it is safe to do so

  3. Bluetooth devices (ear pieces or a compatible vehicle) make receiving and making calls on the road safer

  4. While on site, be aware of your surroundings and avoid hazards. Your own safety should be your top priority