How RSPNDR Works


Monitoring Stations are able to dispatch at the click of a button and visually see when and where a Responder accepts an alarm, is navigating, arrives on-site and completes a detailed report. 


Guard Companies can track their Responders' movements throughout an alarm response and see completed reports.


Responders will be offered alarms and can quickly accept, navigate and complete online reports with pictures for submission to both their Guard Company and the Monitoring Station.  

Digital Report

A detailed digital report filled out by the Guard Responder will be available on the RSPNDR portal for the Monitoring Station and Dealers to view. It includes customer details, weather and traffic conditions, and a report summary with a complete audit trail. 

Here is how RSPNDR works step by step:


Alarm Triggered

The Monitoring Company gets notified when an alarm is activated at a location.


Alarm Dispatched to RSPNDR Marketplace

The Monitoring Companies integrated with RSPNDR can dispatch an alarm with one click.


Nearest Responder accepts the alarm in the app

When the alarm enters the marketplace, the nearest Responder to the address will accept the alarm. You can track the progress of the incident on the RSPNDR Portal.


Responder finishes investigation and submits report through the app

Responder fills out a detailed incident report through the app. The report is available in real time on RSPNDR portal with Responder details and time stamps.


Site Secure

The site is secure within minutes with RSPNDR platform with 50% faster response times than the industry standard.


We are currently operating in all major Canadian cities

RSPNDR is fast expanding its coverage


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